Honey Mustard Sarson 500gm


SARSON HONEY (Mustard in English, सरसों) The Raw Mustard or Sarson Honey comes from the pollen and flowers of Mustard or Sarson.

Mustard Honey is made from the yellow mustard flowers. Mustard honey has health benefits and is consumed as food and medicine, both.



o As per Ayurveda, honey is antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and a good source of  antioxidant,Antiviral, Immune system modulator,
o Cardiovascular function and Metabolism-boosting
o Gut health-improving because of its pre-biotic properties
o Wounds and burns healing

o Ingredients:
o Pure , Raw and Naturally processed
o Containing:Natural sugars, mainly fructose and glucose
o Minerals
o Vitamins
o Proteins
o Enzymes
o Amino acids
o Flavonoids and polyphenols.
Pure Honey may crystallize, sometimes at room temperature and/or in low temperature.
Do not heat artificially, if needed to soften, put it indirectly under the Sun. Do not refrigerate. Do not feed to infants. Keep at room temperature.


Honey Mustard Sarson 500gm


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