Honey Multi-Flora Wild Jungle 500gm


MULTIFLORA HONEY (A type of Honey that comes from the Bees who collect the nectar from a variety of flowers and not one. This is a Multi-flower Honey.

We can call this a Wildflower Honey or Jungle Honey, wherein the Bees feed on multi flora. A distinct rustic flavor with a twist of multiple flavors under your tongue. Multi-flora Honey has a delicate sweet taste.



o As per Ayurveda, honey is antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and a good source of  antioxidant,Antiviral, Immune system modulator,
o Cardiovascular function and Metabolism-boosting
o Gut health-improving because of its pre-biotic properties
o Wounds and burns healing

o Ingredients:
o Pure , Raw and Naturally processed
o Containing:Natural sugars, mainly fructose and glucose
o Minerals
o Vitamins
o Proteins
o Enzymes
o Amino acids
o Flavonoids and polyphenols.
Pure Honey may crystallize, sometimes at room temperature and/or in low temperature.
Do not heat artificially, if needed to soften, put it indirectly under the Sun. Do not refrigerate. Do not feed to infants. Keep at room temperature.

Honey Multi-Flora Wild Jungle 500gm


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