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First thing first. To begin with, I am a foodie, and my partner in business has finesse for this trade. For some time, I got frustrated, for almost anything I used to buy from the market, comes with adulteration as part of package. Even the top and best brands don’t come pure. Lockdown gave the time to think and strategize the launch of our brand “Terra & You”, Terra means Earth. Anything and everything coming from the mother earth shall reach to our end users directly in its purest and natural form, and is on top of our, to do or must do list.

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The world is changing fast and so are we and our mindset. But, at some point we need to move back to our grass roots, old beliefs and Old practices, which our ancestors were used to using and living a life better than us in terms of health, wealth and self awareness. The world as a whole is adulterated. Adulterated mindsets, adulterated principals and adulterated living. The quality of life we live is poor and sometimes pathetic. There is an old saying "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”, which now a day’s sounds impossible the ways we have adopted, like, cold drinks, fast food and sugar and salt coated goodies. WHAT IS VAIDIK THINKING? As per our Vedas, we need to return and to adopt, where we came from. Today the life expectancy might have increased, the human age must have gone up, but do not forget that this is all science and medicine and we don't die healthy or natural. By the time we die, our body is carrying many disorders and is a home to many a disease. Vaidik thinking is a mindset. And what we think, adapt to and believe becomes our life style. So, let's change our mindset for our betterment. Mind you, no one else can take care of you than you yourself. So be a little selfish and start taking care of you, your body is your Temple, where you, choose the deity.

Let’s revitalize our body, mind and soul. Prompt others to avail this opportunity and promote the wellness and wellbeing of your acquaintance. We are the Care takers of our nature. You can also contribute by becoming one amongst us and provide love and care for the Mother Earth. We are committed to leave behind a better earth for our generations to come. You are not buying these for the sake of buying honey or desi ghee. You are buying them to induce immunity to your body system, with all the benefits of pure, natural, filtered and raw (not processed) produce. Benefits n uses of honey? Cure, revitalize, energizer, cleanse, purifier etc Do you use honey at home? If yes then see, taste and feel the difference, if not then you shall miss something. Nature has everything in abundance. It is we, who have to take the initiative to search, research and find the best marvels of nature and you have to adopt the concept and adapt to using the best you get from the nature. Don’t forget the five elements we are made of, are the essentials of nature.


The first lines of products are obviously related to food and health. We tried all the products at home and in our close circle and after satisfactory feedback, we bring them to you. We shall promote our products online through our social media handles on face book, Instagram and WhatsApp etc, and directly as well. We are not launching them in a traditional way, like distributor and retailer network or on the counter for sale. We look forward to your support and in return we promise to deliver you the products in their purest and natural form. Let’s bring health and wellness to you. What you eat, so shall you become. Jai Hind!

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